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You wouldn’t know it from the look of it, but Broadus, Montana, is one helluva place to be from, and an even bigger deal to visit. Around these parts you can discover more places where history was made (good and bad) and where more deals were sealed or broken than anywhere else in the Old West.


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We have 27 Different Room Types, Let Us Help You Choose

Historic Route, U.S. Highway 212

Broadus might not be the shortest route from here to there, but it’s definitely one of the most historic, and along the Warrior Trail (U.S. Highway 212), it’s the centerpoint and shortest distance between the somber retrospection of Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument and the mind-boggling size of the faces at Mount Rushmore. In between all of that is a whole mess of Old West sites. Truth is, our Broadus, MT hotels are pretty much a hub between all the places in Montana, South Dakota, and Wyoming that made the Old West what it was.

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101 W Holt Street, Broadus, MT 59317

Activites Around Broadus

Here in our little corner of the world, the beautiful wilderness and our lodging in Broadus, MT both give you enough room to stretch out your legs and immerse yourself in the beauty of “the last best place” to rejuvenate your soul and keep your spirit alive.

And around here, we’ve got some of the best hunting and fishing, hiking and biking, and birding and sightseeing this side of the Milky Way. Here at the verge of the Great Plains, you’ll find more than 2 million acres of land perfect for sporting, recreation, and relaxing. There are endless things to do in Broadus, MT and our hotels and lodging options are the perfect base for exploring the local wilds and the storied history of Southern Montana.

The world just doesn’t move real fast in Powder River County. So when yer lookin’ for a bit of a break from all the traveling and going here and wanderin’ there, pull your wagon up to one of our hotels in Broadus, MT and give yourself a chance to catch your breath. The folks here in our friendly little piece of the world live with an authentic sense of the Old West, but we’ve got all the modern conveniences and amenities at Broadus Motels to make your stay in Southeast Montana as comfortable as sitting on a cloud beneath a Full Sturgeon Moon.



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