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From any one of our three Broadus Motels, you will find comfort, convenience, and hospitality. Though we’re right in the heart of Southeastern Montana, where the Old West still comes to life every day, every one of our hotel rooms in Broadus, Montana offers all the modern conveniences you’d expect, along with internet connectivity that’s on the cutting edge. (Don’t let our retro phones fool ya… cuz they’re modern, too!)

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We are the shortest and most convenient stop between all the scenic sites and historical towns of South Dakota and the numerous historic monuments and memorials of the Black Hills War, including those of the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Many historical markers are very near Broadus.

Within a short walking distance of our motels in Broadus, Montana, you can amble through the Powder River Historical Museum, with its displays of the Old West, a collection of arrowheads, antique cars, and authentic displays of old cabins and a general store. Later, you can treat yourself to dinner and drinks at the Powder River Stockman’s Club, burgers and beer at the Big Sky Bar, or wine and dine yourself while playing slots at the Montana Bar & Casino. You can get anything from sloppy joes to spaghetti and meatballs at the Cashway Café, or pizza and subs at Seabeck Pizza. There are many amazing restaurants in Broadus, Montana near our hotel rooms. For amusement, you can eat while you bowl, play arcade games, shoot pool, or test your luck at slots at Powder River Lanes.

We don’t care whether yer just passin’ through, you plan to stay a bit to hunt or fish, or you simply want to get away from it all, hang out, and enjoy the grand landscape and slow pace of these parts, yer always welcome here at Broadus Motels! Broadus, Montana is a historic and beautiful place to stay, with many activities.

Check our Reservations and Lodge pages on our website for details on how to book your stay at Broadus Motels.   We’ve got a clean, comfortable room for ya when ya get here!

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