Starry Nights

Montana ain’t called Big Sky Country fer nuthin’! On a clear night, you look up and can see to forever, and then you realize forever is mighty wide!

Broadus, MT is a stargazing haven. Walk out of your room or step out from your tent and you’ll see a sky lit up with more stars than you could have ever imagined. If you walk south of town to the river, you can gaze at the stars with the musical accompaniment of the Powder River and cricket song. A slow, night breeze will keep you cool as you trace the constellations as they roll west behind the picturesque buttes and sandstone hills. So far away from light pollution, you get a firsthand look at the same sky the Native Americans and early settlers saw in the days of the Old West.

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Broadus Full Moon

Winter is always the best time to stargaze, when the air is crystal clear. The stars just seem to pop, so close you can imagine being able to reach up and pluck one from the sky. You’ll also have a chance to see the spectacular phenomenon of the Northern Lights in Broadus, MT,, a wonderful treat that makes you hold your breath for a few seconds.

Another particular treat for your eyes is to book your stay in Broadus during a full moon, to watch it rise the size of a silver dollar from behind the eastern buttes, and sometimes even bigger as it sets with Diamond Butte in the foreground. Throughout the night, you can walk along the river or hike the plains with no need for artificial light.

Broadus Night Sky

If yer good with one of those fancy cameras, you’ll amaze yourself with the brilliant shots you take of the night sky from anywhere here in Broadus, MT. For stargazing aficionados, you could bring a telescope or binoculars and relax in a lounge chair while getting up-close views of the stars and planets and the amazing array of galaxies that you actually can distinguish with the naked eye.

If yer headed this way, book your stay in Broadus, MT for stargazing, northern lights viewing activities, or simply a peaceful stay under the heavens.. The sky’s the limit here in Broadus!