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You’ve been on the trail for a spell and your back is feelin’ tired, your butt is gettin’ sore, and yer legs have gone stiff, and somewhere between Deadwood, South Dakota, and the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument you decide it’s time to get down from the saddle for some respite.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Our lodge in Broadus, MT is a truly amazing place to stay. In addition, Broadus Motels accommodate just about every possible way to spend your time along the banks of the Powder River, from your pick of several motels, a campground, and even house rentals.

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The Twin Hearts Ranch

But we think our finest selection is the lodge out on the Twin Hearts Ranch. It’s got Old West, log cabin construction, with big ol’ beams, a log wall interior, and a stone fireplace in the great room that rises taller than a grizzly on his hind legs! Our lodge in Broadus, MT gives you a wonderful sense of the wild and rustic, but with all the modern conveniences and comforts of anything you can find in the big city. As far as we’re concerned, our lodge is actually better, just cuz of where it sits. At our lodge in Broadus, MT, the views of the wide open space outside are spectacular, and the peace and quiet resounds from every direction. Whether yer sittin’ in front of the humongous fireplace or bedded down in a private room, you know straight away there ain’t no reason to rush things around here.

You can rent a single cabin room at our Broadus, MT lodge if yer here for a special, personal occasion or just passin’ through, but you can also rent the entire lodge for grand occasions, or to serve as the headquarters for your hunting party when the elk, deer, and antelope are in season. You’ll have more than ample comfort in our spacious rooms, large dining hall, and sittin’ around the fire listenin’ to some good ol’, down-home guitar pickin’ and singin’—yeehaw!

You can book your stay at our Twin Hearts Ranch accommodations in Broadus, MT through our main office. Just call 406-436-2626 and we’ll get everything squared away!