Stalking a mule deer buck or a seven-point elk, or bringing down a wild turkey, a pheasant, or a duck goes beyond just sport here in this little corner of the West. It’s a way of life that reaches back to when asphalt didn’t exist and buffalo were as plentiful as blades of grass.

Don’t ask us where our favorite hunting spots are, cuz we won’t tell ya, but with over 2 million acres of wild, wide-open space, there’s enough room here in Powder River County that you can’t help but find your own spectacular hunting ground. Any of the local hunting outfitters in Broadus, MT will be more than happy and helpful to point you in the right direction for a successful hunting expedition.

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“The Last Great Hunting Grounds”

Your adventure in the last of the great hunting grounds will take you through the magnificent diversity of the Montana landscape and across so many acres you can only imagine that the beauty goes on forever. In addition, our motels in Broadus, MT are great for hunting and finding outfitters. You’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in North America to hunt with as much room, pristine landscape, and ample game as here in Southeastern Montana.

To experience hunting in Broadus, MT and this wild land the way they did way back when, you can bed down at White Buffalo Campground and rise in the morning after making coffee over a fire, then set out in any direction to track whatever yer lookin’ for. Learn more about outfitters and hunting near our Broadus, MT motels.

Broadus Big Game Hunting

If you prefer not to sleep in the wild, you can enjoy the comforts of one of our rental houses, rooms at the lodge, or motels for hunting in the Broadus, MT area and, after a full breakfast, set off with a professional guide—or the directions you got from one of the locals you met the night before.

Broadus, MT is great for hunting deer, elk, birds, and many other animals. From bucks and bulls big enough to match the size of the land, you’ll come across elk, mule and white tail deer, and pronghorn antelope. For an uncommon experience, you can help out the local ranchers by bringing down a bobcat, coyote, fox, or a mountain lion.

Lookin’ For Game Birds

If yer lookin’ for game bird hunting in Broadus, MT, walk the uplands and along the many creeks and rivers. You’ll have your pick of turkeys, pheasant, sage hens, sharptail grouse, and Hungarian partridge. Canada geese and ducks pass through and spend time in the reservoirs that dot the entire county.

Before you set out, be sure to have your hunting licenses and permits in order, and don’t forget to dress in layers. Also, keep a map in your back pocket to help you honor private property boundaries and other areas where hunting might be by permission only.