Fishing and Bird Watching

Sitting in a lodge with the locals eatin’ some of their fine prime rib, raised and butchered by them, while sippin’ yer favorite brew and listening to a picker pluck music from his old guitar… well it’s danged hard to think of anything much better than that. Broadus, MT also has fishing and birdwatching opportunities across a wild and beautiful landscape. 

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Fishing around Broadus, MT

Just a mile southeast of here, and then a little bit off the beaten trail, you can fish the Little Powder River. Access is day-use only, and the area is undeveloped, which offers a peaceful and often solitary morning or afternoon of pure enjoyment. Our motels in Broadus, MT make fishing the Powder River and Southern Montana’s other fishing spots easy, functioning as a comfortable basecamp.

If you want, after an early morning breakfast at the Quarter Horse, the Little Bighorn River is three hours west on U.S. Highway 212 then a bit south on I-90, and unarguably offers some of the finest trout fishing in the lower forty-eight. And you’ll catch yourself at times just standing in the middle of the river admiring the surrounding scenery.


Birding Around Broadus

You’ve got to wonder, with so much room in the Montana sky, birds must love hanging around these parts, right? Some of the most recent accounts have raised the list of sightings to more than 200 species of birds in the Powder River region. From the western meadowlark—the Montana state bird—to waterfowl and impressive raptors, birding enthusiasts will appreciate the diverse landscape around Broadus that invites such a variety of winged excitement. Stay at our motels in Broadus, MT for birdwatching and access to a wide variety of wildlife.

In the morning, you can relax south of town on the banks of the Powder River with your binoculars or scope, and return in the evening where deer, antelope, or elk might join the mix of wildlife as they visit for a drink of water.

Western Meadowlark
“Montana’s State Bird”