Truckers & Pilot Cars

The asphalt can get a bit tiring and lonesome when yer goin’ OTR, and there ain’t no better place to hop down outta the saddle to ease the blur of the white line and give yer back a break than at Broadus Motels. There’s plenty of space in these parts to tie up yer rig, and more than enough fine eateries where you can find whatever you’ve got a hankering for.

The Best Rooms in the West
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Discounts for CDL Drivers

If you’ve got a mind to spend a night outside the cramped quarters of yer cab, you can book a stay at Broadus Motels online, or you can give us a ring while en route toward Big Sky Country—or just pull on in and we’ll set you up with a fine bed and more than a few suggestions for dinner. You’ll pay far less here than anywhere north, south, east, or west of us cuz we’ve got great rates and we offer discounts for CDL drivers and anyone who’s been saddled up in a slow-trottin’ pilot car all day.

If it’s been an especially long haul, you can splurge a bit in our Yahoozie Suite and soak yer bones in a private hot tub, or relax a bit in our steam and dry sauna, and then kick up yer boots at any of several local establishments for a burger and a beer (or two).


Plenty of Truck Parking Space

Whatever yer haulin’ from here to there, coast to coast, or comin’ up from down south, rollin’ yer wheels through Broadus is the shortest distance between Rapid City and Billings. We’ll cut off about 60 miles of blacktop on yer way to Spokane and all points in the Pacific Northwest. Broadus is the wavingest town in the West, and we’ll wave you on in to enjoy the finest hospitality you’ll get anywhere in Montana. Broadus Motels has every kind of room type to let you wipe the dust from yer boots and get a good night’s rest before saddling up to hit the road again in the morning. When you need us, we’ll be waitin’ fer ya!